8 Pro Tips To Create Brand Guidelines Without Losing Time

by alaa choichnia on Feb 24, 2022

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Brand guidelines are a great way to keep the marketing message consistent across all forms of business marketing. However, they can be too long and complicated to create. It might take two weeks or two months. Over a decade of experience, I’ve created a lot of brand guidelines and learned from my mistakes. What I’ve learned over time is that there are a few key things that have helped take to create effective and efficient brand guidelines. Here are 8 Pro Tips To Create Brand Guidelines Without Losing Time.
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Be perfect but Don't wait for perfection

We'd all love to spend time and energy crafting the perfect design style guide for each project. But in the real world, that's not always possible. If you're up against a tight deadline and not able to create a style guide with lots of bells and whistles (and examples), be sure to include the most pertinent and helpful information about the brand or piece of work you've created in the time you do have.

Hit the right tone

If you're creating a style guide for, say, a cartoon show, then make it as fun, colorful, and wacky as the series. If it's for an asset management company, make it as clean and straight-down-the-line as the company's thinking and brand equity is. This shows the client you understand the brand or television property you've been working on. Plus, it'll instantly put that tone in the mind of the designer who's been given the style guide to use.

Guide, don't preach

Remember you are producing a guide – which, when applied successfully, will produce a common system of elements that work together, reinforce brand values and embrace a successful interpretation of that guide.

A wagging finger approach will instantly put the person who uses the guide in school mode. “Don't do this; don't do that” is a surefire way to drive someone nuts and make them want to use the guide successfully.

Think of it as a cookbook

Look at a style guide as being similar to a cookbook. It's full of brand recipes and ingredients that work well together, and create a successful blend of flavors and tastes. It should allow for experimentation, but clearly explain where too much of the wrong type of ingredient will spoil the brand broth.

Be helpful and specific

Try to give out helpful and practical advice to the creative reading guide. If you're using a particular type of overlapping text or a certain type of Photoshop treatment, then think about adding a page to your style guide that explains exactly how to do this.

Think creatively

Your style guide is an extension and expression of your creativity. It should have its own guidelines applied to it, and communicate the brand simply and effectively. There's no rule that says it has to be in PDF format (although admittedly a lot are) – you could have the whole thing online. Think creatively, but don't overcomplicate. Five clicks to a logo download are just annoying. Keep it simple.

Work with a copywriter

Work with a copywriter to energize and communicate the brand. This style guide will potentially be used client-side by the in-house creative team or sent out to other agencies to be applied in future work.

For your guide to be applied successfully, it's essential to communicate effectively in written form: the brand spirit; the reason behind the work; what the guide is there for; and what the brand goals are – all things that the creative using the guide should be mindful of.

Proofread your work

Proofread your guide before sending it out. Typos and bad grammar make you look awfully silly when you're sending out a 'best practice' guide to your work.

If at all possible, have someone else read the guide for you and ask them to flag up anything that isn't clear, and whether any parts need further explanation.


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