Best Logo Design Books

by alaa choichnia on May 31, 2022

Best Logo Design Books

If you're looking for some great books to help you design your logos, then this post is for you. I'm going to share the top logo design books which you should check out before starting your next project. For this post, I've decided to share my personal favorite logo design books.

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1. Grid systems in graphic design

Best Logo Design Books

The first book and the most recent book that I have bought to do with my graphic design career is grid systems. grid systems is an amazing book and it talks all about grids, half of it is in German, and half of it is in English. So that means that on the same page, where there is German, the same English is there next to it. 

So if you are German, or maybe if you're bilingual, then this book is definitely for you. Now, in all seriousness, this book is an amazing book, it talks all about the grid systems. And if you know anything about graphic design, you know that grids are so important for those people who are creating work in the graphic design scene. Having a grid in our work is one of the fundamental parts of graphic design and logo design, believe it or not, grids allow us to separate type into certain areas and make websites look really good.

Have you ever heard of the golden ratio? Well, that is kind of like a grid system. In fact, it is a grid system. And this book goes through incredible detail explaining about the grid system. Even if you are new to this type of thing, including graphic design or logo design, this book will show you an immense amount of knowledge to do with graphic design and how grids work and how it's going to help your life.

2. Los Logos

 Best Logo Design Books

The second book on this list is loss logos. This book is a crazy good book for any person who is fascinated to do with logo designs, or vintage type loss logos is a really well printed book. And it's got tons of logo designs in from the new design trends that have been happening over the past few years. A lot of them are logo type designs, it shows who's designed them. And it's basically a massive catalogue of the best logos are around at that point in time, you won't learn much to do with the theory of logo design in this book. But the idea of looking at it for inspiration, or looking to see what a designer did to make a choice in a logo design. And whilst it's printed in front of you, it's just amazing. And it helps you understand more about the logo design process. And it helps you keep in your memory bank. Some of the new weird things that are going on with logo design nowadays, but you won't have found a few years ago. So if you're a logo designer, or even a graphic designer that needs to know a little bit more about logo design and the vintage type style, then go ahead and get this book, it's going to do your world of good. 

3. Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design's Golden Age

best logo design books

The next book that you need to get is scripts script is one of those weird books that are on this list, because it is basically a typographical reference book. It's not a logo type book, or an abstract logo book, it basically just shows scripts from the Golden Age of design, which is basically the vintage style. If you love vintage style typography, then this book is a book for you because it goes through all the scripts that are used back about 100 years ago, even more. And it shows some amazing, logo types in there from back in the olden days, which I've taken such inspiration from even includes a font list or even a typeface list, which is basically like a font of all the different letter forms that are used in the book, 

4. Logo

Best Logo Design Books

This book is really cool, because it's got logo, types, symbols, and everything else inside it. It's a catalogue of major company logos inside this book that are separated into different sections of like Word Types, signature styles and symbols. Whenever I'm designing for a client, I always take a look in this book, because there's just so many different styles of logos and abstract iconography, it's actually really cool to see in the captions below the work, who created it and when and when it was revised. And when it was taken away. And when it was put back.

This book, again is a reference book. But I think with logo design, and graphic design in general, a lot of things have to be referenced books that we see to gain inspiration because it's so good to work on the internet. But if you want to get further step ahead of people, buying books is a great way of doing it. And it doesn't always have to be the theoretical books, all these books are on Amazon and I've linked them down below with my affiliate links. If you want to help me out, you can get them through that affiliate link.

5. Logo modernism

Best Logo Design Books

this book needs an introduction any longer I think that everybody knows the book by now but I think that there are a lot of people that might not have this book so it can be very interesting for those people to take a look at this beautiful book.

Logo modernism it's a book that looks at graphic design and has a vast array of approximately 6000 logos from 1940 to 1980 ranging from media outlets to retail giants airlines to art galleries.

The comprehensive study is divided into three design-focused sections: Geometric, Effect, and Typographic. The alphabet, overlay, dots, and squares portions of each chapter are then subdivided into form and style guided sections.

6. Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything

Best Logo Design Books

The last book that I don't actually have it in my possession is the draft and design code book. This book was made by an amazing designer and logo designer, Aaron draplin. He's been hot stuff in the design industry at the minute and he basically goes around and speaks about his book,

He went to London. And he's going all places around the world speaking about this book, and he's even got a Skillshare class, our draplin has been a source of inspiration for myself and I would love to meet him one day and I'd love to have a chat with him and do something on here with him to do with logo design, because this book seems to be amazing. All I know is that this book is great for anyone who wants to delve deep into side a designer's life or deep inside one designers work and to understand what he's talking about when he talks about logo design.

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